Rec Pool and Spa of Ft. Lauderdale, selling hot tubs, swim spas and above ground pools shares guide, “How to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season.”

“Extra pounds from the holidays can quickly obliterate the fun of the season,” said Mike Hansen, president of Rec Pool and Spa. “Don’t let the fear of a destroyed diet overshadow the holiday cheer.”

Here’s how to stay healthy during the holiday season.

Set Up an Above Ground Pool for Holiday Fun – An above ground pool is the perfect holiday centerpiece. Pool parties are an exciting way to draw family members in, taking the focus off eating with an activity that is healthy and stimulating. Send out invitations to friends and family for a fun swimming pool party and make sure to have plenty of warm cider or hot chocolate available.

Of course, the pool will always be a great addition offering family members a way to swim away the extra holiday pounds and live a healthier lifestyle long after the holidays have ended.

Don’t Stress Over Eating Too Much – Accept the fact that overdoing it a bit on the holidays happens. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, but if a little bit of sweet or sauce covered food passes the lips, smile and enjoy it, then decide how to work it off after the holidays are through.

Greet the Holidays with a Plan – Knowing which foods will be impossible to pass up can help avoid consuming too many extra calories. Instead of going to a party without a plan, decide ahead of time which delicacies to eat in limited amounts.

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